Giants Overcome Vikings in Neutral Detroit

Giants 21 – 3 Vikings

Add Tarvaris Jackson to the list of NFL quarterbacks that the New York Football Giants have knocked out of a game this season. Brett Favre’s start streak ended tonight against the Giants, and probably for good reason, as the word has been out that the Giants defense is a QB assassination squad. It’s funny that Lou Gehrig’s start streak ended in Detroit, and Cal Ripken’s ended against New York, as Favre’s ended in Detroit against New York. In the end it didn’t matter who was playing quarterback for the Vikings as they couldn’t stop the Giants running game anyway. It was a pretty simple victory for the Giants who did what they try to every game, and imposed their will on both sides of the ball. Is it just me or is Adrian Peterson just not the same player this season? I was certainly not impressed by his showing tonight against the G-men. The collision between AP and Jackson’s knees was laughably bad, as was the Vikings effort.

Brandon Jacobs is back in tank form. It didn’t matter if he gained 73 or 1 yard, he was not going to be taken down by one or even two Vikings tonight. As good as Bradshaw has been this year, if B.Jacobs can keep running like he has the past three weeks, the Giants offense will be a force in the closing weeks of this football year. E-truth had a couple turnovers early, but by the end of the second quarter he was steady as ever. Manning’s consecutive starts streak is now at triple digits (100), and his streak is the second longest currently active behind his older brother Peyton. It was nice seeing Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith back in the Giants attack, but a shame that they lost both Mario Manningham and Ahmad Bradshaw. Hopefully both will be able to make the Eagles game on Sunday.

The Giants D was great again. Four sacks split up among five different players, eight tackles for losses, two forced fumbles, and a Keith Bulluck interception. Not to mention scaring a quarterback into retirement, and knocking another quarterback out of the game multiple times. ESPN might try and sell the Ravens defense as the most feared in the league, but the eyes of the quarterbacks playing the Giants tell a different story. No defensive line is as intimidating, and no secondary is as hard hitting this year. The New York Giants are fielding top flight defense every game now, and that’s thanks to coach Perry Fewell. A man who cannot get enough credit for the Giants one year turnaround.

Next week may be the most important match-up of the year. A revenge match against Mike Vick and the Dog Killers, but this time at the new Giants Stadium. The media may keep mentioning that the Giants will be playing on a short week, but they won’t mention that Philly was on short rest last time these two teams met, and that didn’t seem to have any effect on the game. Look for a scrappy affair that involves Mike Vick off his feet constantly. The Giants cannot fall into their usual trap of starting the game a quarter after the other team, or they will fall again. Let me know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr!


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